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We're living in a small village in SAVOY (France) who's name is BRISON ST INNOCENT. It's near AIX-LES-BAINS on the bank of the lake of Le BOURGET.

We ? Who is it then? : : Mathilde ( 12 ). : Bruno ( 15 ), he shares with you his prefered games : Goldeneye, Age of Empire.

Laurent my father (44), suggests you to have a trip among poems, tales and songs all over the world.

And me : Olivier ( 17 )


And now the index :
Results of elections in the village of Brison St Innocent, during the last 10 years. (in french only)
Savoyard cookery : Yet one recipe !
The map of Savoy
Some nice webcams in Savoy
Wines in Savoy Soon....perhabs?
Links It should come imminently

The music you can hear or you should hear is étoile des neiges (star of the snows), an old savoyard traditional song.

surfers came yet there and I hope they'll come again.

And last but not least the snow landscape we can see in winter from our windows, looking westward. In the background the lake of le Bourget and The Charve Mountain.

La vue de notre maison